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29 Nov 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow | Product Review

Benefit Gimme Brow review, a quick brow fix...

This little tube of Volumizing fibre gel is a gift from heaven, whoever created this seriously knew the pain of having to draw on your brows and knowing how long it takes and how much effort it is to get them straight and perfectly even! Probably someone like me who has invisi-brows, the kind that look non-existent on my face and blend in with my skin tone. Usually to put on my brows, I would use an angled brush and some sort of brow kit, powder or gel to draw them on, shape and define them, and don't get me wrong, they make my brows look amazing, but my brows probably take up the most of my time when I'm applying my makeup, and sometimes I don't have the time or I really just can't be bothered! Thats where this beauty comes in! It's simple, you unscrew the lid, and using the tapered brush tip, simply brush along your brows to fill in and define. The tapered style brush gives a natural looking finish that applies the product in a way that goes along with the look of natural brow hairs, and the brush end is nice and small, the perfect size to fit nicely over a normal sized brow. You would think that when you get to the thin end of the brow this would't allow you to define and apply without 'going over the lines' but you can use the precision tip for this, by simply manoeuvring the way you hold the brush to allow it to fit on the area of brow you are applying to. It comes in two different colours, light/medium and medium/deep, Although I'm dark haired, I chose the light/medium, as I wanted to use this as more of a quick 'day brow' that a heavy dark 'night brow', plus, If you applying another layer and more product, the colour will apply slightly darker. So yeah, basically, it's small and fits perfectly in your purse, clutch or makeup bag, it's super fast, simple and easy and gives me great natural looking brows, what more could you want!

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