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21 Nov 2014

Hoola Benefit Bronzer | Product Review

Benefit Hoola Bronzer review...

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A couple of months ago, I thought I'd purchase and try a new bronzer, everyone had mentioned the Hoola Bronzing Powder by Benefit so I thought I'd give it a try. It was £23.50 from Debenhams, and is the same price on the Benefit website, which I thought was a little pricey, however, if your a student in the UK, you get 10% off the Benefit website if you sign up to Unidays! Which would take a little bit off the price. The bronzer comes in a cute small square package, that flips up and has it's own little mirror and brush. The brush fits nicely in the package so you can keep them together rather then having to keep the brush separately, which I thought was nice. I really love the brush for this bronzer; because of it's shape it is really great for applying the bronzer in specific areas, it is the perfect size and shape for fitting nicely in the crease of your cheek bone for contouring. It finished off my contouring perfectly. However, I felt that it would be easier, if you are applying the bronzer all over your face, to have a brush with a bigger surface area for even coverage, such as a typical powder pouf brush. As for the bronzer, it is a really beautiful golden brown colour, it has a matte effect, which I absolutely love, there's nothing I hate more when I'm applying bronzer all over my face for everyday use, that having a sparkly shimmery face because I have used a metallic effect or glittery bronzer. A shiny bronzer is ok when your on holiday and you want a sparkly by-the- sea, sipping-a-cocktail glow, but for everyday use I much prefer a matte effect like this! Overall it's a great bronzer, nice and compact and fits nicely in my makeup bag, the brush is perfect for contouring but when applying all over the face I simply use my big powder pouf brush for even coverage.

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