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10 Nov 2014

Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer | Product Review

Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer by Benefit review!...

 When I was in Rome, I went on a bit of a makeup shopping spree and along the way I bought this little Primer stick by Benefit Cosmetics, It's small, compact and easy to use to I thought it'd be a perfect little purchase to carry around with me in my makeup bag. At £24.50 it was a little pricy, but I really do love it and think it's worth it. It's a small stick of creamy primer that you twist up to open just like Glue or Lipstick! You simply apply directly to the face from the stick, so theres no other tools needed and no makeup-covered hands, which is always a bonus. The primer is clear, however seems to have a nude tint to it, when I applied it to my face I couldn't help but notice my skin looked a lot better and less.. flaw-filled! The redness in my cheeks and nose seemed to now blend into an even skin tone with the rest of my face which looked amazing. It applied really smoothly and evenly however when trying to cover all of my face with the stick i felt that it could be used up quite quickly, but you just have to try and press lightly and not apply to the same area twice.. because you really don't need it! The only thing I will say is when applying the product felt quite thick at first, and a little sticky.. but once left for a few minutes and when I applied foundation and concealer this feeling went away. Not only did the primer apply smoothly, but so did my foundation; it increased the coverage of my foundation so I was able to use a lot less product to cover my whole face. I went about my day as normal, and I felt it did help my foundation stay on for 15hours+, apart from on the tip of my nose, but my foundation always comes off my nose and I end up looking like Rudolf no matter what I do! Overall I really love this product, it's nice and small, I love the packaging and it's an all-round good product that works!

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  1. Oooohhhh I've always wondered how other people got on with this primer! Now I will definitely have to stop by my Benefit counter!