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16 Dec 2014

Elf Little Black Book - Cool Edition | Product Review

Eld's little black book, Cool Edition, Perfect for Winter...

I'm sorry I haven't Blogged for a couple of days, but I have been so choked up and freaking out trying to find people Christmas Presents with Christmas coming up so fast! So in Keeping with the season, I thought I would Post about the Elf 48 Piece Cool Edition Little Black Book. There are quite a mix of colours in this palette, but quite rightly, as it states, they're cooler more Autumnal / Wintery colours! I found this little eyeshadow book when rummaging through the Makeup section in TK Maxx, they always have some interesting pieces in there, I had heard of the brand E.l.f and had heard good things, that they're cheap and cheerful, but I thought that it was just an Australian based brand, and when I saw this on the shelf I thought I'd pick it up and get my first insight into the Elf brand - I mean, I didn't really think you could go wrong at £3.99! At first I was a little disappointed, I thought that the eyeshadow book would be the same size as the Box, However, it was significantly smaller, as you can see in the pictures, but then I thought, What was I really expecting with a name that specifically states that it's a 'Little' black eyeshadow book. I did then think that actually it's good that the book is small, as I can carry it around with my easily and to be honest, There's something very loveable about the fact that it's small! The book comes complete with a nice sized mirror, 48 Eyeshadow colours, that are a mix of Shimmer and Matte, and a little two-sided eyeshadow applicator, these applicators are always a bit naff, but they're usually in every eyeshadow palette around and I suppose it's a nice added extra to complete the set. The colour range is beautiful, I specifically like the range of various blue and turquoise colours, and they are quite well pigmented; The only bad thing I would say is that the eye shadow's did smudge easily, however, this significancy improved when I used an eye primer and set the eyeshadow with a setting powder too. So, I think the eyeshadows are likely to last the night through, unless you plan on rubbing your eyes the whole night, or going somewhere that might bring out the water works! The only annoying thing is that because i got them in TK Maxx, you can't guarantee that they will be stocked there in the future; but they are stocked on their website, and I have also seen that Nasty Gal Stock them too! However, If you search around I'm sure there is a UK based website or shop that stocks them as well. Overall I really like this little eye shadow book, It''s worth the £3.99, It's compact, and has some really beautiful colours that I will definitely be wearing throughout the Christmas Season!


  1. Lovely colors!!! It's impossible to decide one color!
    My first time in your blog, kiss kiss

    1. They are aren't they?! The turquoises are just fab! Xx

  2. I love elf, I have quite a few things from there, the nearest elf store to me is in cardiff and I've also purchased off their website which has also turned out just fine. YouTuber Kathleen Lights loves elf products and has quite a few videos on it! X

  3. elf has decent quality for their low prices, I especially love their lipsticks. I haven't tried their eyeshadows but this great review makes me want to pick one up to try.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity