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27 Dec 2014

Mochino Barbie Jumper | Wardrobe Addition

In October, My Auntie took me to Rome for my 19th Birthday, It was absoloutley incredible, and I was so grateful to be taken to such a beautiful place! But when we were there, I came across a Mochino Store! And living in a small Town, far away from the big cities, I have never seen nor been in one before, All I knew was, I had seen the brand plastered all over the Tele & Instagram, specifically their Barbie Range and I was completely in love with it! We strolled into the shop and it was amazing! Some of their lines, I did think were just a little bit... over the top... such as their Spongebob & McDonalds Range, but back in the corner was the Barbie Range, and my god was I in heaven! I was just having a browse, and Picked up this long knitted sweater, and my Auntie offered to buy it for me as a gift for my Birthday. I must say I was very thankful. 

The Jumper I chose it the longer version of the two black Jumpers, It's more like a Jumper dress but can be tucked in to make a shorter baggy jumper. It also comes in A short version and A crop version with a matching skirt. But I thought I'd get more wear out of this one seeing as I can wear it two ways! It's really comfortable and soft, and of course it has pink on it, which is always a thumbs up in my book! It's very girly, but not too tacky, and can easily be dressed both up or down. I also had my eye on the pink version in crop, which I loved, but I felt I wouldn't wear it as much as the black version.

There were lots of other items in the shop that I was really loving two, ones that are more affordable as well, for example, the popular Mochino Barbie Mirror Phone Case, or the Barbie Dream Phone Case, or the Barbie Camera Phone Case, Which although are all expensive for a phone case at around£50, they are the most affordable of items in the Barbie Range and are a really nice gift.


  1. Hi, you have the cutest sweater ever! thx for following :)

  2. The sweater is amazing! *o*

  3. This is gorgeous, I'm glad that you've acknowledged some of Moschino's lines are over the top as I thought I was the only one who thought this. I love this jumper! x