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22 Dec 2014

Sylvie Quentin | Brand Discovery & Wishlist

A look into a new brand, kicked off with my fave items from their website!...
A new brand I've come across, Along with a wish list of my fave items from their site!...

Oversized Black & White Coat by Aaiko
Tricolour Dress by Sinequanone
Multi Coloured Jumper by Axara
Silver Short by Axara
Black Feather Sleeved Sheer Top by Relish
Black Biker Jacket with Fur Inside by Relish

Recently I have joined up to The Blogger Programme, which has been a great tool in helping me discover some new brands rather than the bog standard ones that everybody knows and shops at, in the high street. It's nice to find and see new brands, that allows you to get a look into a unique and fresh brand and line of clothing. A store that I came across, that I found I really liked, was Sylvie Quentin, some of their clothes are a little higher in price range, but it's always nice to find a brand with fewer, but better quality items that will last you a lot longer and you will get a lot more use out of, rather than always shopping in Primark and throwing away your clothes after a month; Don't get me wrong, I love Primark, but it's nice to mix it up and have some items in your closet that you really admire, and that won't just get chucked on the floor in your bedroom, because they're your 'nice' clothing items! 

Sylvie Quentin actually reminds me a lot of Karen Millen, Karen Millen is a lot more expensive, but I can really see a similar style here, beautifully finished items with nice detailing, simplistic designs that are very flattering and subtle. A lot of their items, from various carefully chosen brands, that they stock aren't very colourful, with a lot of them being Black's and white, but I was obviously drawn to this as the majority of my wardrobe is Black and White, (I should really start bringing a little life into my wardrobe, I know!), but the Black & White items on their site are really in keeping with their brand and theme throughout.

The items above are the pieces that I have seen on the website that I am just absolutely loving! My absoloute favourite Items is the Feathered Sleeved top, theres only a little bit of feathering, and just on the sleeves, which I think looks lovely, in comparison the the full feather capes from that I've seen in Topshop, that quite frankly scare me and would make me look like a bird lady, like off of Home Alone! I second fave is the Black and White (I think grey :P) Oversized Coat, These are everywhere at the moment, and are really in fashion this winter, plus the price is only £140, which is only £10 higher than my Pink oversized coat, that is very similar, from River Island. My final face is the Leather Biker jacket, I love a good old biker jacket, but I do find sometimes they can be quite cold, and not a goto option in the Winter Time, but this one has a beautiful fur lining which pretty much solves the problem!

Overall, I'm loving this brand, and you should be too! Click the links for direct link to the specific items of head over to to find some items of your own to love!

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