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1 Jan 2015

Comfy Sweats | OOTD

 A casual by stylish for the days where you just want you be cozy...

 Today I had to go out shooting for my University work, and to be honest, I was lugging round heap loads of heavy equipment, and running around all over the show to get things done, and it was just one of those days where you want to be comfortable and warm, but don't want to look like a complete slob! I went for a simple Jumper, Joggers & Trainers. I chose this jumper, because not only is it simple and I love the shape, but it is the softest and most comfortable jumper I have ever come across, I just couldn't believe it! So I couldn't really leave it there on the shelf?! I went for some dark grey speckled joggers, they're a really nice shape and are cuffed around the ankle, which always look a lot neater and you haven't got joggers dragging on the floor getting ripped which is just a no-no - The joggers also come in Petite & Tall as well as normal so they can fit just right for all sizes! Finally, I chucked on my vans - I was going to go for my black vans but went for my dark Burgundy ones, to bring a little bit of colour to the outfit. I know this outfit isn't very glam, but some days their isn't anything better than chillin' in your sweats.

Happy New Year lovelies!!


  1. That looks so comfy! I've been wearing an outfit similar on my lazy days too x

  2. Looks so comfi and lovely!


  3. love the jumper, you look gorgeous girlie <3 x

  4. What a lovely outfit, it looks so comfy! And there is nothing better after staying up late on New Years Eve then a comfy outfit ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  5. Wowza! Will definately be buying the whole outfit! XOXO

  6. Love the comfpy outfit, wearing it now too!

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  8. So weird, I actually have the joggers and the vans! They are probably my favourite joggers, ridiculously comfortable!

    Kirsty X

  9. Love your joggers! They look so comfortable!
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