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25 Jan 2015

Hairtrade I&K 18" Human Hair Extensions | Product Review

Hey Everyone! Today I'm going to be doing a product review of the Hair Extensions that Hairtrade & Etail PR Have kindly sent to me! It's my first every product that I have been sent, so it's quite an exciting step for my blogging journey. However, I promise that for any product that I may be sent, I will give you my honest opinion, and won't talk in favour of a product just because it's been sent to me! I want any readers I have to have trust in my posts and what I say! :D

I must say I was very excited when Hair Extensions came through the post, I have been completely infatuated by them since year 8 in school! The fact that I could just Clip something in and have beautiful Rapunzel hair in an instant was just unbelievable to me. But after years of just buying and wearing all sorts of hair, believing simply that the thicker and longer the better, and coming across lots of hair extensions disasters, I have finally began to learn about some of the good and bad qualities of various hair extensions and what to look for! Everyone has something they particularly look for in hair and of course we look for and like different things, but here is what I think about these most recent ones in my hair collection!


The extensions I was sent are the I&K Clip-in Straight 100% Human Hair Extensions* in the colour Chocolate Brown. The first thing I wanted to say about the product, which is more of a personal thing, is the colour match! Having no dye on my hair, and having a completely natural hair colour has made it very difficult for me to find hair extensions that match my hair, natural colours are the hardest to match because, of course, most hair extensions are dyed, of which, the dye is a man made colour, and you will never really be able to match natural colours perfectly, plus there are just so many tones of natural colours, all the while hair extension company have to narrow it down the a popular 15-20ish colours to suit most hair colours. However, most people nowadays have dyed hair, of which, the dyed hair extensions will probably match you perfectly, but for those of us out there that have natural colour, life in the world of hair can be hard :( These Chocolate brown extensions match me better than any every have, it's almost a perfect match and I really can;'t believe it!

The extensions are really soft and feel just like natural hair, they're also nice and shiny that they look healthy, but not too shiny so that you get that really synthetic that some 'human' hair extensions give. If you notice, synthetic extensions, or ones that contain come synthetic hairs, will be ridiculously shiny, which you can really notice when taking a photograph on flash, the light reflects of the 'plastic' material and makes for a really horrendous look, which shows a really strong contrast between your own hair and the extensions. But this is something that wasn't present at all when shooting wearing these ones, they're texture and colouring of the human hair felt really natural and looked the same as my own.

The extensions are full and have a good weight of hair, of which they are 120g. Usually I would have wanted the extensions to be super thick, like you see with the quadruple weft pieces, however, I have realised that it is usually better to have hair extensions around the 100-140g mark rather than the 280g ones that you see! These are usually far to heavy for your head. However, I will say this all depends on your hair thickness, for example, you want to buy hair extensions where the weight and thickness of the individual wefts are similar to your own, if you have really thick and strong hair, it might be suited for you to get hair extensions that are more than 120g. Otherwise you may have really thick natural hair, and put in thin hair extensions strands that don't truly fill in your hair and head and just look like little ratty strands against your own hair. I have quite thin hair, but these extensions of medium thickness were perfect in my head.

Distributing your extensions evenly around you head is really important to create a good blend between strands of your own hair and the extensions, and I found that there was the perfect amount of clips here to do this. You receive, an 8" wide weft with 3 clips, a 7" wide weft with 3 clips, 2x 6" wide wits with 3 clips each, 6x 1 1/2" wide wefts with 1 clip each, and 2x 1 1/2" wide test wefts without clips. This was one thing at first that was the only downside for me with this hair, I usually tend not to like using the 1 clip pieces and prefer to use the longer pieces and then 2 clip wefts that are around 3". Usually hair extensions sets come with 2x 1 clip wefts, but this set came with a lot more. However, I gave them ago and found them quite useful; after placing the 4 longer pieces down the back of my head, I could place the individual ones where needed to suit my head and hair down the front sides. I found that I didn't even need to use all of the wefts and left two small clips unused. The test strips, although at first I thought pointless, they are great for many reasons, if you misplace some clips, or overuse some, you could even sew them together and get two more clips to make a 3" piece if you wanted to!

Another thing that I thought was a great added bonus to these extensions was the fact that they are actually 2" longer than what you purchase. For example, these 18" extensions are actually 20" so that you have leeway when curling them and so that you don't lose length if they need to be cut in. This is something that is useful to know when purchasing, because you may not want them cut, meaning if you wanted 18" hair extensions, and planned on leaving them be, then it be best to purchase the 16".

Overall, these extensions are just fab, they're affordable at £39.99, they're lightweight so that they don't weigh down your head and pull on your scalp, the clips are strong but small so that bulkiness and clip visibility is minimal, they're healthy and natural looking and overall just fab. They come in lots of others colours and also other lengths to suit you. 


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