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6 Jan 2015

Mac Makeup | Recent Purchases

Some of my recent purchases from MAC cosmetics...

The other day I popped into Mac and bought a few products for my makeup bag. I thought I'd do a little post about this as recently someone complimented me on my skin and asked me what foundation I wear. (thank you very much again by the way! (: ) 

So... the first two products I'll talk about that I bought from Mac were my foundation and concealer. These products aren't anything knew, as these are the two things I will always pick up when I go into the Mac Store. The foundation I use is the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation in NC20. It's a liquid based foundation, that has Medium-buildable coverage. I like quite a full layer of foundation on my face, and this foundation definitely achieves this, and the good thing is that If I want a little more coverage I simply apply another layer. The foundation leaves a natural Matte finish, which I chose and prefer rather than a satin finish as I have quite shiny and sometimes Oily skin. It lasts for up to eight hours, although I actually would say it exceeds that, and my foundation lasts all day. The only place I would say it slightly comes off of by the end of the day is the tip of my nose. The foundation is quite pricey at £21.50, but is worth it as it lasts me at least 6 months. The only negative thing I would say is the smell, it has quite an artificial / face paint smell, but to be honest it isn't something that really bothers me as once dried and on the face the smell goes away. I apply my foundation with the MAC 187 brush and in circular strokes, in a slightly downward motion to flow with the direction of your face hairs, to achieve a full and soft even coverage.

Next, is my Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer in NC20, It's a creamy and compact concealer, that will cover any flaw I have and lasts me all day! It's just incredible. I apply the concealer underneath and ontop of my foundation. I apply the concealer under my eyes and on my nose with a concealer brush, then apply my foundation, and then cover any remaining areas that need covering with the concealer. These concealers last me absolutely ages, I would even say abut a year, and I wear it every single day. The only negative thing I would say about it is if the weather is slightly hot, or slightly too cold, it's consistently slightly changes, which is expected, but a little annoying. When it's cold, it goes really really hard and is quite hard to apply to the face. Its £15.50 but worth every penny.

The next two products I bought were a lipliner and lipstick. I always try to pick up a new colour in the liner and lipstick when I go into mac and love to make new ombre lip colour combinations; of which, these two colours go fab! The Lipstick is in the colour 'Pink Plaid' and is fab, its a light rose pink, but when applied to the lips just looks like another nude lipstick with a slight pink tone to it. The lipstick is Matte effect, which I much prefer, I always tried to avoid shiny lips if I can, unless i find the perfect gloss where maybe I can get over my shiny lip fear! As for the lip liner, it is in colour 'Half-Red'. It's a pencil style lipliner, which are pretty much the only type I use. The pencil liners are sturdy and strong especially for when you want to apply perfect precision lipliner that is sharp and perfect right to the edge of your lip. I always find that the roll up ones are soft and flimsy and give me a really soft lip-line edge, which I hate! The Lip Liner is £12.50 and the Lipstick is £15.50. 

Would love to know what some of your favourite Lip Pencil & Lipstick Combos are!?


  1. The concealer sounds amazing they normally wear off after a few hours let alone last all day. Can't wait to try out some MAC products. xox

    1. I know it's incredible! it's definitely one to give a go! xx

  2. The lipstick looks so pretty and has been on my list for ages! x

  3. I have always wanted to try the Studio Fix Foundation, I've heard so many great things about it. I have used the concealer in the past and I loved it, I will have to buy it again soon.