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4 Jan 2015

Toni & Guy Compact Hairdryer | Product Review

Review of my new Toni & Guy compact hairdryer...

So I got a new hairdryer? Nothing fabulous, I know, But I thought I might as well review it! I've had my old dryer for ages now, and I needed a new one, desperately. Not only could I blow on my hair and dry it faster than my old one, but it also nearly electrocuted me twice! (Which obviously wasn't too good!) So I went to Argos to buy one, and this Toni and Guy one fit the criteria, and call me shallow, if that's the right word? But I thought it would look pretty in my Black and White room. When I first got the dryer I was a little bit bummed, because it had a really narrow hole from which the hair comes out of, and I usually prefer a really wide one to cover a larger surface area of my hair quicker, as I personally just go for the dry all areas all over thing rather than separating and drying my hair in neat little section. Call me lazy. But then I realise it said 'Compact' dryer, now I assume this means its more compact and smaller and therefore better for travelling, unless they call all hair dryers 'Compact' ones - I'm not too sure. The powers good and therefore the air comes out nice and fast, although there are a slower and faster speed setting, which is always good, in case you want to dryer your hair slow to keep some shape in the natural curls or kinks in your hair. The dryer also comes with the standard 3 heat settings; I like how on this dryer the 'Hot' setting doesn't burn so bad you can't even use it, like on most i've used, of which, then when you use on the hottest setting for too long the dryer would usually click and then basically pass out. So far, this one hasn't done this so fingers crossed! It has a really long cord, which I always look for, because my plug is in a really far away unfortunate place, and my dryer has to reach all the way over my bed to get to me. The dryer also has a hanging loop, so if your one of those super neat people, with hooks to hold up all of your hair tools and things, then it has a loop to keep things neat and tidy. The only negative thing I would say about the dryer, this is a personal issue, is the matte effect. Originally this is what drew my attention to the look of it, because it looks really nice and stylish, but I didn't think about how this would feel!?! I'm one of those weird people, where if I here anything like a chalk board scratch or someone scrapes their tooth, it makes my teeth feel really tingly and I get all cringed out, and my god, when I hold this dryer and my fingers rub against the matte shell, it doesn't half make me cringe! If theres any things like that, that make you guys weak in the knees comment below and share them with me - I always find them interesting to hear :P - One of my friends and my Auntie can't touch cotton wool? 

 But overall, it's a great dryer, fast, compact, long cord, and it looks pretty and neat in your room ;)! It's very standard, but it's a hairdryer, what can I say!

Have a lovely day guys! xox


  1. This looks like a nice hairdryer ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. This is a really weird thing that makes me cringe, but you know if you use a pencil and the lead breaks, and then the pencil (without the lead) scratches against the paper? That just makes me cringe so badly! Not sure if that made sense, haha.
    Kirsty X

  3. I love using only light weight hair styling tools, and mostly I use sedu hair dryers to keep my hairs smooth and healthy. I take proper diet to nourish my hairs, and I use curd and lemon paste once a week to make them soft.