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14 Feb 2015

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Gifts & Goodies for me and Phoebs from

So last week I received a surprise parcel through the post, which was a fab little goody box from, which they had sent in for me and Phoebe! If you follow me on my Instagram or my Twitter, then you'll know that Phoebe is a big part of my social media and just my life in general! 
She's my little Pomeranian Puppy that came into my life 6 months ago. And now on receiving this little goody bag I thought what better time than to put in my first Lifestyle post. is an online pet shop, you might know them as but they've been moving over the a more familiar name! As well as being able to purchase all sorts of pet supplies you can also sign up to a pet food subscription where you automatically receive food as often as you like through the post without having to constantly go online and order it. To be honest, this is fab for someone like me as I know how much food Phoebe goes through every week, and it's a nightmare having to go to the supermarket every week to get some more, call me lazy, or call me stupid for not stocking up a months worth each time I go, but I'd much prefer to have it delivered without having to worry about it.  

Petshop sent me a cute little blue thermal jumper, Some Almo Nature dog biscuits and Pedigree dentastix, which Phoebe absolutely loved, as you may be able to tell from the photographs! The Almo Nature dog food is just the best thing, I have been struggling so much to find biscuits that my fussy puppy will eat, not only is she fussy but she really struggles to eat biscuits, but I have now easily weaned her onto these biscuits which she can eat easily because they are so tiny! The Dentastix are great for protecting her little teeth as they grow, they're soft to chew and much easier on her teeth than chewing some hard bone. And finally the jumper is fab and phoebe loves it, it's a thermal jumper, and all though you wouldn't think it because Phoebe has so much hair, she gets really really cold and this jumper does a great job of keeping her warm on walks in the Winter. It's turtleneck style, and has two little hole underneath to secure the jumper and wrap around their legs!

So if you've got a little fury friend in your life you should definitely check our their website, whether its for food, toys, clothes or anything! I know I'm definitely going to be purchasing some of their interactive food bowls, they have a huge collection of them on their site! They're bowls which allow your dog to think about eating they're food and to have to put a little work into it, it's for dogs that gulp and rush their food! 

Have a great day everyone and your pawfect little friends too!