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18 Feb 2015

Too Nude for you | OOTD

A waterfall coat, and nude pieces finished off with some diamante studs...

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I'm happy to say that I FINALLY got my hands on a waterfall coat! The Zara waterfall camel coat has been an iconic fashion piece recently amongst bloggers and in fact..everybody! But a size S was instantly out of stock on Zara for £150 and then it was being resold on eBay for as high as £300! I wasn't paying that, so I looked around and found a site based in the Netherlands called Fab & Chic where they have a wide range of the same Waterfall coat in all sorts of colours, reduced down to 35 euros which is around £25. I couldn't find anywhere that was doing camel coats for as low as this and jumped to the opportunity and bought the coat in this colour (nude) and in camel. Then of course all the well known shops like Pretty Little Thing bring them out for just £35. Which although is more expensive I would have received my coat in a few days rather than a week. But overall I absolutely love my coat and it fits beautifully!

I went for a really simple look, Paired the coat with my all time favourite thing at the moment, Turtlenecks, and some high waisted black ripped knee jeans, and of course my fave heels of the moment, my Misguided Valentina heels.

To end the outfit I popped in some little black square diamante stud earrings that Body Jewellery Shop and Etail PR kindly sent to me, they sent me some really cute Square Diamante ones and some round ones too. They're really simple and elegant, and I was actually shocked at how shiny they were! They're only £1.99 each to buy on Body Jewellery Shop's website, and my boyfriend and mum actually asked if they were real diamonds because they were so sparkly and clear :L!  I was sent just normal Ear studs because I only have my lobe's pierced, but they have loads of other fab Ear piercing jewellery too, which cater for people who have the most adventurous of places pierced as well as just simple lobe piercings like me. And as well as Ear jewellery, of course, being called the Body Jewellery Shop, they have all kinds of amazing and unique pieces for all sorts of piercings that you may have! They have hundreds and hundreds of different items, I spent ages flicking through their website and was being slowly convinced to possibly get some more piercings (if I wasn't such a wimp!) But overall they were a really nice little gift and really pretty, you can tell in my photographs that I don't often wear big, extravagant jewellery, and some times none at all, so this is just perfect to me! As they say, sometimes less is more, and in this case it really is. I think next I'm going to be purchasing the earrings they sent me but the pink heart shaped ones, they're so cute! 

Hope you all loved the outfit and have a good rest of Wednesday! Hope you all had a good pancake day too!


  1. Your Zara coat is just gorgeous. Definitely not too nude for me!
    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. Your Zara coat is just gorgeous. Definitely not too nude for me!
    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. This coat is from Fab and Chic hun! but it does look just like the Zara one but in Nude!
      thanks so much hun! xxx

  3. This outfit is gorgeous! I love the whole look! Your makeup is lovely too <3 xx

  4. This look is gorgeous! The color scheme is on point and your body is amazing which makes the outfit look even better

    Agnes x

  5. Obsessed with your heels. You look so chic!