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30 Mar 2015


Trying out Bed Head by Tigi's Queen for a day Thickening Spray...

Bed Head by Tigi | Queen for a day Thickening Spray

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Welcome Back!

So last week I was sent another fab Goody from Hair Trade & EtailPR - Thank you very much again by the way! This time, rather than some hair extensions, I received this product from Tigi's Bed Head Collection. 

I'm always up for any product that makes my hair Thicker and Pouffier basically, I have really Straight, silky hair, which although can be good at times, is very annoying most of the time as it's the hair type that is very flat and will lose shape and styling instantly. So I've basically been on a life long quest to find any products that make my hair have more volume! And coming across this product - one of the many that vow to give you a lions main - I'm definitely going to give it a HIT.

Before you read on, if your looking for a Root Boost, I would say this isn't it. Although this product, of course, had to lift my roots a little to give the volumptuous look - it's texture and the way it works is more for overall even volume from root to tip, so if your looking for a very specific root boost for maximum volume just at the roots, I definitely recommend Root Pump Plus by Big Sexy Hair, which is another product I usually frequently use for extra lift!

You apply the product to damp hair after shampooing and conditioning / showering as normal. You simply spray in, of which it comes out a mist type substance, and focus on your roots and / or all over your hair for maximum volume. Once you have done so - because the product is heat activated - blow dry your hair like normal. 

Once I had finished taking these steps - I thought that I would be left with either a sticky or greasy looking product feel left over because I put quite a lot in - but there was no trace of this at all. The product not only thickened my hair and gave me simply overall volume, but it left my hair feeling very light, airy and bouncy and smelling great - and my hair didn't feel filled with moisture and shiny - like I said, I have the hair type that if you don't wash it every day it is prone to becoming a grease-ball, even after I wash it it's very very shiny and weighed down, but this almost mattified my hair (but still left a nice healthy shine) and made it feathery. Obviously this may not be what you want, you might want that more moisture-filled look and texture - but it made my hair more stylable and a better texture for making my styling and possible backcombing hold! It basically prepared my hair for day and night - so this is perfect for anything apart from if your going for the shiny slicked-back wet look hairstyle that Kimmie K is known for.

This bouncy feathery hair look lasted all through the day which was great, however, the immediate lift closer to the roots that I got did slowly drop throughout the day. But with a little bit of an upside brush and a tease it was back to good as new!

As I said before the product came from Hairtrade - who stock all sorts of products like this - they sell everything 'hair', from extensions (which you can see me wearing in this post HERE - and a product review HERE) to Accessories, Hair Care and many other things at great prices!

Overall this product is a definitely a HIT and I'll be using it daily!


  1. Sounds awesome. However, this probably wouldn't work well for my hair texture. It's interesting how things differ on the person!

    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. Oh that sounds perfect for me - I often find that products work well to start with but after a while all I can feel is the residue of them, so this sounds like something I should try! x

  3. I want try this!

    Agnes x

  4. Oh, wow, thanks for the Root Pump Plus recommendation! That sounds more up my alley.