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21 Apr 2015

Latest Makeup Buys | Mini Mac Haul

So today I'm just sharing with you all some of my latest MAC purchases, a mini Mac Haul Really! 

MAC 132 Brush

The first product that I bought was the MAC 132 Duo Fibre foundation brush. As the title says this brush is a for applying your foundation, however, I bought the brush mainly for applying concealer, corrector and/or pressed or loose powder (for avoiding those horrid concealer / foundation build-up lines in the creases of the eye). The shape and size of the brush are perfect for fitting right into the inner corner crease of the eye and the soft duo fibre bristles are fab for patting down the concealer / corrector down smoothly and evenly, and the same goes for the powder. 

MAC foundation Pump

The MAC foundation pump is something I usually pick up from Mac every year or so. The pump allows for even distribution of liquid foundation, and just generally makes applying makeup a lot cleaner and tidier. In contrast to just banging the foundation straight out of the bottle onto the back of your hand and it getting all around the sides and rim of the bottle. I also hate using any more foundation than I have to, especially at the quite expensive price tag of the Mac foundations - and using the pump allows me to do this. However, I will say that I'm not impressed with the fact that over a few years a £2.50 pump has become £4.00!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation NC20

Although the widget above linking to the product is to the full sized version of this, the product in the photograph is the mini sample size that I got free with my order! The reason I'm including this is because I absolutely love it and it's just the cutest little bottle! At first I was a bit like, well as this is the foundation I wear everyday anyway, this might be useful as an emergency backup if I'm ever running low and haven't got a new bottle. BUT - I actually ending thinking that it is absoloutly perfect as a little night out bottle, it's so tiny and would fit perfectly in my purse / clutch on a night out or if I'm out for dinner, allowing me to touch up my foundation if I need to - and quite easily without the need of a brush due to the little flat applicator attached to the lid. When the mini bottle runs out, I'm going to empty it and refill with the product from my full sized foundation whenever I need this fab little mini bottle. 
I'm not sure if the offer is still on - but have a little search to see if you can find the promo code which you just add at the check out for the free mini bottle. (unfortunately you don't get to pick the shade - but mine came in NC20 luckily!)

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick 

THEE mother of all lipsticks. The one famously used on the Puckered-up-Pout of Kylie Jenner & Kimmie K. I have wanted to try this lipstick in forever, but it is always sold out! However, if you try the link in the widget above and check it out there, and if it's sold out there, try the MAC website and then Debenhams. (You need to hunt a little). The lipstick is such a beautiful texture and colour, it's a very natural lip colour, very similar to the colour of your natural lip anyway, but with a little nude boost. I have been wearing this lipstick every single day and have been pairing it with the other product I bought...

MAC Lipliner in Whirl

The entry caption for this pretty much matches the above. Again worn famously by the Kardashian's and Jenners' and worn specifically paired with the Velvet Teddy Lipstick. It is the best MAC lip combo around in my opinion. The lipliner is ever so slightly darker than the Velvet Teddy colour, so you can no only blend easily and make your lips look seamlessly bigger when wearing velvet teddy but can also make a very subtle ombre lip with the two.

All of MAC's product are absolute fabulous quality and are always worth the money! Let me know some of your fave MAC products and Lip combo's?



  1. Nice buy!

    Agnes x

  2. I've been trying to get hold of Whirl for ages :) looks great!

    Christie x

  3. I love MAC too but I'm trying to shop my stash before buying more!! :)

  4. Ohh, I really love Mac, their products are the best :) xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts