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5 Apr 2015


Some Netural Tones to start the spring...                     
Pictures will direct you to key spring neutral pieces!

Some white, nude and pinky colours to prepare for Summer! I am absolutely loving neutral tones at the moment, well I love nudes, white and subtle pinks all year round, but definitely around spring time - neutral tones are a great trend for transitioning from the deep and heavy maroons, navys and blacks of Winter to the Vibrant and in your face bright colours of the Summer.

These statement neutral pieces are all ones that opt for an almost, slouchy thrown together look while at the same time looking like you own it! For example the tie-knot crop top and dungarees style slouch dress are some of my key pieces for this look. And the best thing about these pieces i'm lusting over are that they can be dressed up or down. They're all light and airy with a flow and discrete open feel to match and work with that fresh spring time breeze. All feature showing a little bit of skin through subtle suggestive styles like cut out tops and split side elements, to start swooping into the feel of summer - but not too much, were not quite ready for hot pants and lace bralettes just yet!



  1. Love those pink sunglasses!
    What do you use to make the collage of images?
    Laura x