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20 Apr 2015

Spooky Eyes Coloured Contacts | Product Review

So the other day I received another goody from the EtailPR blogger network and from Spooky Eyes contact lenses. I'm not going to lie I was a little bit reluctant to try these out - I have never worn contacts before in my life and have always been told horror stories about how awkward they are to put in. Which if I'm honest all came true. but don't worry it wasn't all bad haha!

Spooky Eyes provide all sorts of cosmetic contacts, from Crazy ones such as themed, coloured and UV to very natural and subtle looking ones. The contact lenses Spooky Eyes sent me were the Spin Blue Contacts, The spin blue contacts, although seem like a more natural cosmetic contact lens, I would say their pushing more towards fancy dress or just a slightly exaggerated eye look. The colours of the blue really pop and are very saturated and really push away from any natural blue eye colour tone, unless your just unbelievably blessed with incredibly coloured eyes. Another thing which makes these lenses a little more out their are the fact that the size of the contacts were much bigger than the iris of my eye. However, you might be able to pull these off on a night out with a really dramatic makeup look with dark smokey eyes to match the drama of the lenses.

The contacts came in a solution and neat little box ready to wear, and according to the website, once opened they last for 12 months. Of which the price for this amount of time is amazing! It comes with instructions on how to use and of course what you need to do in between each time you use them. You can purchase the solution to clean them on their website too!

I would definitely say don't get these specific lenses if your a first timer! the bigger lens size means that it's quite hard to put in and really have to spread your eyelids a lot in order to get them in. But they have loads on their site, of all different sizes and styles. Spooky Eyes' 'Crazy' contact lenses are great for fancy dress - I absolutely love their leopard print ones. I will admit my experience wasn't the best, although completely unnoticeable once in, I really struggled to get them in in the first place, it felt almost like a two man job! I dropped the lenses twice, of which i then had to clean them again. but all was worth it when they were in and looked really cool!

I would however, definitely go for cosmetic lenses again! I love the idea that I can enhance the colour of my eyes (which I hate, because mine are more like a dull grey/blue rather than blue!). I might look into getting contacts that are cosmetic (colour changing) and prescription too. As unfortunately I do need glasses even though I don't wear them.

One tip if your looking into getting contacts for the first time - Definitely put them in before you do your makeup, otherwise it'll all be streaming down your face haha!



  1. They suit you so much! I think it would be fun to try contacts although I'd be terrified! Xxxx

  2. I've never dared to try contacts but these look great!

    Christie x