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24 May 2015


Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation


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Hello again guys!
 So Today's post, as you can see, is a review of the oh so popular Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation. To start off I just want to begin by answering my question in the title - Yes it 100% is Perfection After all. I have been a loyal user of the Mac Studio Fix Fluid for years and years now and have never came across another foundation I deemed good enough for my face and skin type until I had heard about this beauty and all the incredible things people were saying, So heres a quick overview of what I thought were some good and bag points.

  1. It's light but has great coverage   Usually when you pick up a foundation that has a much lighter consistency, it's normally because it's for a very subtle finish, and is more for somebody who wants to wear foundation but doesn't want it to make too much difference, but what amazed me with the Perfection Lumiere is that although it was light and airy on my face, allowing your skin to feel free and relatively clean and not caked in heavy layers of paint, it also provided me will full coverage with just one layer. At first I was like, Oh fab, it's really light and I'm going to have to do like 4 layers, but it gave me full coverage in just one layers. Spots? - Covered. Freckles? - Vanished. Discolouration? Non-Existent. Amazing!
  2. No need to purchase a separate pump
         Every now and again when using Studio Fix Fluid my Pump would break and I'd have to buy a new one (for £4 might I add!!) Plus it was a little bit of a bore having to keep it and transfer it over to your new bottle. With the Chanel, as you can see in the close up photo above, the pump comes with and is part of the bottle. Having a pump makes sure you have even distribution of your foundation, and avoids regrettable bottle smacks resulting in half the bottle coming out all over your hand / brush and yourself! It also keeps your bottle clean - No mess no stress!
  3. SPF 10
    A lot of foundation's are SPF now and contain some form of sun protection, in fact my Studio Fix was a little higher at SPF 15 but that's because it was a lot heavier. It's important to protect your skin so this is always a bonus!
  4. It stayed on all day
    It stayed on my face all day, and I didn't have to reapply. Usually with heavier consistency foundations, I have to just dap with a sponge because it begins to seep into the fine lines on your face, but with this I didn't, it stayed prominent and even throughout the day which was fab!
  5. Smooth and Radiant Skin
    The foundation has a really beautiful finish. It offers a soft, matte finish, Which personally I prefer to a satin / shiny finish because I have quite oil skin anyway and I don't particularly want to look any shinier! It leaves your skin looking really soft and smooth, and left my complexion looking radiant and luminous and flawless! I couldn't believe how good it looked and how good I felt.
  6. The packaging is beautiful
    Now this may not matter to some of you and you can call me sad, but I love it when a product has nice packaging. Especially since I've become a blogger and all I look out for is things that are 'instagrammable' and photograph well! The packaging looks and feels beautiful - the matte frosted glass finish to the bottle gives a certain richness and quality to it and that's always a nice thing! (plus you'd expect it for the price of this product!) Which leads me on to one of the cons.
  1. The price is a little steep
    People ask me, what is the one makeup product you couldn't live without and mine is definitely foundation, so I'm happy to spend a little more on it, but even so, £36 is alot! I got mine cheaper at Debenhams with a 10% deal making it £32 which made it more forgivable! Debenhams are doing a deal from 18th May - 31st May where with 2 beauty or fragrance purchases you get 10% off, so if your thinking of getting this foundation, head to this link to be directed to the foundation at Debenhams and get it while you can!
    10% Off Chanel Perfection Lumiere with another beauty or Fragrance Purchase!
  2. The Smell?
    This wasn't a big deal, nor did it particularly bother me, but I thought I'd just mention it. It smells nice, but smells like it might as well be perfume, which although doesn't sound like a bad thing, it's chemically smell was quite weird, and like being sprayed in the face with perfume when you first put it on. It didn't smell like foundation for me, lets put it that way.

So Overall, I'm hooked. I'm still going to use my Studio Fix probably now and again if I'm going for a different look or feel, but this is now definitely my everyday foundation.
So I need to eventually go over to my 'Shop My Every Day Face Page' and change it haha! 
All I can say with this is BUY BUY BUY! It's amazing, and if you want insanely flawless looking skin, then this is for you!




  1. This foundation looks lovely. Great review x

  2. Your skin looks really good, I didn't think it would have as much coverage but it's amazing.
    I am definitely going to try it out.
    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load