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7 May 2015

Karma Se7en Jewellery | Fake Septum Clickers

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Hello again everyone, sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I've had loads of deadlines for uni and I'm a little behind so blogging had to take a little step back! But I'm back with something a little bit different and a glammed up face! 

So last week these three little surprise gifts came in the post, that Body Jewellery Brand Karma Se7en really kindly sent to me. Their called Fake Septum Clickers, and are basically the Pain-free and Damage-Free version of a Septum piercing. Which is a god send for me because I'm a squeamish kinda girl when it comes to anything like that! I've seen these absolutely everywhere! They're an increasingly growing trend I think down to the fact that not only are they really lovely looking (and very instagrammable! :P ) pieces, but that they also aren't permanent, which is very appealing when it comes to something as daunting as getting a piercing or tattoo!

I've never tried these before, nor have I ever sported any sort of face jewellery, along with that and the fact that I have a very dainty look with small features I wasnt' sure if something like this would suit me! But I'm completley and utterly in love with them.

When I first went to put them in I was confused because the gap was too small to go over the centre part of my nose, but after a bit of having a dumb moment, I figured out that you have to put it in at the very top of your nostrils, where you nose has the smallest space between each nostril and is a little softer. You also have to maneouver it by putting in one side and then the other. It was quite difficult for me at first because of my wonky nose because of my Parry Rombergs, but once it was in their it looked great. I thought that it might feel like it would fall out on the time but it doesn't - it just stays on in their until you pull it out again.

I think for me the Silver one was a little too big for my features and for my overall face, which I was a little peeved about, because I've seen them on the likes of Nyane Lebajoa and she looks insane with the bigger more extravgant ones in. But I really love the gold and rosegold smaller ones on me and think they actually suit me which I wasn't sure if they would!

One thing I'd like to add is about the packaging! My god, I've never seen such a tiny item be packaged with such care! I made sure I showed this in the photographs above for you because their packaging is so cute. As well as coming in a box and little round plastic tub, so that you are able to see the product through the box, it also comes secured to another piece with rubber bands so that your product isn't rattling around and scratching all over the show! And then on top of that the plastic tub is placed in foam so it isn't moving around in the box. So major thumbs up for that, because I'm a sucker for cute packaging!

Karma Se7en have a wide range of these Fake Septum clickers, with all sorts of different colours, styles and sizes, To be honest I just love and want them all! And they're really cheap at prices lower and no higher than £5.95! And the best thing is you Buy One and Get One Free. The BOGOF Offer isn't just on the Septum Clickers though, it's on every piece of jewellery on their site - Of which they have such an enormous range of different jewellery. Even if you were to buy one of their luxury 14ct Gold Belly bars at £200 a pop, You could have another one worth that price for free! You get the cheapest item in your basket free, and the more you buy the more you save. For example, Add 4 pieces of jewellery to your basket, and buy two and get the cheapest two free. It's literally amazing and their the only jewellery website that offer this. So I'm quite literally going to be spending all my time browsing their site putting their ear rings, belly bars and fake septum clickers in my basket! 

So basically if your loving these clickers and your a body jewellery junkie check them out!

Comment below what you think about them!