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15 Jun 2015

I've Lost My Unicorn | OOTD


'I've lost my unicorn' T-shirt | 304# CLOTHING 
(Special Price: Was £29 Now £21.75)*
Baseball Cap | River Island Mens (Don't judge)
Skinny Fit Jeans | Primark
New Balance Trainers | ASOS | also HERE & HERE 

 Everybody needs a bit of sass in their life, and I've officially found it with my 304# T-Shirt. If only I actually had a Unicorn in the first place though aye. Although my heart is in all things glam, a little bit of it lies here too! (even know, as always, I've still kept a bit of glam with the makeup though :D); I love nothing better than those chill days where you can chuck on jeans and a shirt, and even better, add on a hat so you can hide from people that your really having a bad hair day.

The only annoying thing is although I want to look casual, I still want to be stylish - of course. So finding the right balance is a little hard sometimes! I've found that a comply plain Tee or Vest with a good old slogan is the way to go! Sass with no fuss basically! 

When I was on my venture to find this style I came across 304# Clothing - I've fallen in love with literally all of their tees and their varsity style jumpers are my absolute fave (they look so cosy). which have all of the witty and 'in' slogans and words of the year on them! These are some of my other faves from their site: Wanderlust Jumper //  Cloud 9 Tee.

 Their stuff is pretty much perfect for anything, you could glam it up, which I'll be doing in another post this week, you could go for a casual look like this one, wear it to the gym, or the beach, they have styles to fit whatever vibe your feeling! And as well as that, most of their stuff is Unisex, my boyfriend shares most of my T-shirts from them that I have haha! Deffo worth checking them out.




  1. Your makeup is flawless here!
    That t shirt is amazing...

  2. I LOVE YOUR SHIRT! haha
    I never heard of the brand before. I will check it out ;)

  3. I saw this shirt on your instagram and instantly I fell in love! Its so cute x