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6 Jul 2015

Forever Unique 'Divine' Shoes in Coral | #MYFUSTYLE


*Forever Unique 'Divine' Shoes in Coral | HERE
(^ Hurry 20% Price Drop!)

- Forever Unique Divine Heels in Coral wrapped & protected in tissue paper & padding
-A made to fit stylish shoebox with Pull out drawer for storage
- a drawstring shoe bag storage for extra shoe protection
- extra heel soles for when they get scuffed after use

So I was lucky enough to receive these beauties in the post last week, the amazing team at Forever Unique & EtailPR sent me down these beauties from heaven! Everybody has an item of clothing that they over-buy and over-obsess over.. for example, my boyfriends is coats! whereas me.. i'm a shoe hoarder! And when these luxury babies arrived on my door step you can imagine I went into shoe-hoarder overload.

Forever Unique are an online shop that specialise in glamorous nightwear, they have recently released their swimwear collection (which you can check my post about here) and now have conquered the shoe world too! These shoes are from their latest shoe released on their site and they have certainly lived up to their reputation. As well as all round looking fabulous, everything about them screams quality! The soles are sturdy and shaped perfectly to fit your feet with a non-slip design, they have exceptional stitching on all the different elements of the shoe, making for a well-structured and well-held together piece. As well as that, and the beaded embellishments and the design are just beautiful, of which they have thought about the design all round, even at the back.

All of us can admit we sometimes just chuck our heels on the floor after a night out or when rummaging through the wardrobe for the right pair for the night, but let's just say, these are ones that i'm going to be keeping very neatly placed on my shoe shelf!

If you want to invest in the perfect shoe... invest in a forever unique beauty, they'll last a super long time, they'll treat your feet right and will look beautiful displayed in your room ;)

Head over to their footwear range to find #YOURFUSTYLE! 
Their currently redicuing lots of their styles by 20%.

I'll be posting the shoes in an #OOTD post later this evening so keep an eye out!



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