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5 Aug 2015

Teeth Whitening Strips by Doll White | Review

Teeth Whitening strips by Doll White
Teeth Whitening strips by Doll White
Teeth Whitening strips by Doll White
Teeth Whitening strips by Doll White
Teeth Whitening strips by Doll White


Todays post is about the Teeth Whitening Strips by Doll White that I received in the post about a month ago. They came in a nice and neat little black and white box, with the simple instructions on the back of the box an 14 days worth of strips inside. No faffing about and easy to understand which is always a bonus!

The strips are non-peroxide, so they're better for your teeth and don't cause damage to the enamel like most more intense treatments, like laser, may do. You apply them once a day, every day, for the amount of days you have (this was a 14 day box), and leave the strips on for half an hour before removing. You simply make sure your teeth are clean before applying, take the top teeth clear strips and mould onto teeth with your fingers, repeat for the bottom teeth strip, leave for half hour and then wash the remaining gooey stuff off. (yep, that bit isn't so glamorous!)

i definitely give these strips a thumbs up! As you can see from my before and after 14 days, the strips worked, which is what we all want the most! You may think using them everyday might be a hassel, but to be honest I just popped them in when doing some blogging or watching TV. It's a little hard not to fiddle with it with your tongue, because, come on, it's their invading your space! But i'm probably just fidgety. It wasn't uncomfortable and it tasted of mint so thats all good, it was a little frustrating having to brush my teeth before and after (you don't have to do them after but I opted to!) but it's definitely all worth it! I'm really pleased with the before and after, my teeth are a lot whiter on the scale, unfortunately I indulge in the odd Coca-Cola so my teeth suffer but this gave them the lift up I needed! I'm not sure how long the effects with last (I'll keep you posted), but it's quite affordable to buy a pack every few months and top it up.
- It Works!
- Non Peroxide is better for the health of your teeth without damaging them like laser or other harsher teeth whitening treatments may do.
- Its Affordable / Inexpensive. Teeth whitening treatments can range from £20 - £500 and this 14 day kit is only £19.99
- It's easy and simple to use / apply.
- You can do it yourself. There's no need for a boring trip down to the dentist / beautician - it's all done in the comfort of your own bedroom!
- It doesn't take much time out of your day.
- Minty Taste (So know disgusting tastes in your mouth!)

- Not as Instant or Effective as the stronger / more expensive treatments.
- Doesn't reach the very back teeth (but I guess those aren't on show anyway)
- I couldn't help but fiddle with the strips with my tongue but thats just me!
- Effects won't last as long as stronger / more expensive treatments.



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