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16 Sep 2015

The Givenchy Dupe at Missguided


So your all aware of the Givenchy Antigona bag? Of course you are, it's everywhere! And rightly so, it's a beautiful handbag; and you would think so at £1,500 and up; I found the limited edition croc pink bag for £22,000! Crazy. Even the Givenchy Antigona mini version for the use of a makeup bag, which I have included in my recent post including 27 must have makeup bags, is £500! 

So if you like the bag for the style, and not just the label, and don't want the mega price tag, a little piece of heaven has fallen from the sky in lavish Antigona style, at Missguideds' New in, for just £22!

Missguideds' Kettle Tote has gone all out to achieve a real luxury finish, as well a being black, the bag is sporting a croc effect which always makes something look very expensive and luxurious if you ask me, plus croc is everywhere at the minute. Below you can see the Missguided version up to the real Givenchy.

You can see side by side, Missguideds' bag was of course inspired by the Antigona, but is not trying to copy it, so it's the perfect amount of dupe without it getting a bit dodgy - Like those places that copy the logo and all. Plus it's a pretty good matchand in my opinion looks just as fab! 


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