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11 Sep 2015

T-Shirt Game on Fleek


There's Nothing Better than kicking back and chilling in a comfy T-Shirt and Jeans. But just because your in a T-Shirt doesn't mean you can't kill it like you've been doing it all day anyway. You just need to keep your T-Shirt game strong. YES, A T-shirt is a pretty simple item of clothing... but it doesn't have to be! 

There's loads of ways to keep your T-Shirt game going strong, from Asymmetric Tee's to Quote Tee's like this T-Shirt* I'm wearing from Adolescent Clothing. (Which quite literally states what I'm trying to say here - It's so foreword, I love it!)

Adolescent Clothing have some great quote Shirts that really bring across that inner sass. Saying the things you know your thinking. The Blogging > Jogging T is one of my personal faces and is one for all you other bloggers out there! But for anyone whose not a blogger they have so many that we can all relate to - Trust Me! Apart from being cool AF, they're super comfy, which is pretty much everything you could want out of a T-Shirt. 

Personally when I'm going to where a T-Shirt I'll always go one or a couple of sizes up! I love the baggy T-Shirt Look, or even a T-Shirt dress. And when you bump up a size you have the option of the knot, Like I have shown above. T-Shirts tied in a knot look great with a midi pencil skirt as well as jeans or joggers!

So before you hold back from wearing your Jeans & T-Shirt because it's not glam enough, DON'T! And if you can't be arsed to go find a Killa' Tee, Do Not Fear!! - Below I've posted some of my other Current Fave T-Shirts that are a must have in my... and your wardrobe! 

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