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10 Mar 2016


So I'm sure you've all come across the Loungewear sets that everyone is sporting this month, personally I absolutely love them (Monochromatic and match-matchy things are my weakness) Plus, It's always better for the majority of us when something that is basically Pj's comes into fashion that we all pretty much pull off every day anyway, rather than something revealing and outrageous that most of us just cannot even consider wearing in public! 

The sets are affordable, easy to wear and multipurpose; you could wear them to bed, or if your like me and you do actually prefer to be comfy pretty much all the time, then wear them out, to uni or school, to the shops, wherever! I just pop on some trainers or timberlands with them and then your ready to go.

They come in every colour, in different fabrics, as a two-set or one-piece so theres such a huge variety for all tastes. I know i'm definitley going to be living in mine for a long time! The two I'm wearing above are a Nude Knitted Set by Forever Modo, and A Hooded Camel Set by Missy Empire.

Happy Loungin'

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